Tuesday, February 13, 2018


One of my favorite things to do is randomly click on a tweet and wait for the surprise. I was happy to have stumbled across SWILLY and his music.  So, I reached out and offered to write about his music.

Apparently for being a prolific songwriter, he isn't big on writing. It's a pop rock style, but not "POP" as in commercial. All the songs tell a story. Let your mind wander as you listen. So, with that in mind, the only info he wanted to share I will just copy and paste from his email.

Hey Bill,
Firstly, thanks for the opportunity. Its greatly appreciated. Secondly I am poor writer. LOL
Ok short points about the song
1: The song was written when I wasn't wearing any pants. (relax-home studio)
2: The theme of the song is based on the intersection of drugs and a woman. What would happen if your drug dealer was also your girlfriend? Is she an angel or a demon?
3: The song was conceived, written and recorded over 2 days
4: All the Swilly recordings are done in homes studios, mostly Kitimat BC and Nanaimo BC Canada.
5. No animals were injured in the making of this song.

Thanks again,
Steve aka Swilly

Check this out. You will like it, I promise.

Twitter: @MySwilly @Swillymusic @Guitarplayinggu
Website: http://www.myswilly.com

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Joe Hoss

Man I love good music! Joe Hoss is someone I stumbled across on twitter awhile back and his rocking style of redneck hillbilly music really got to me. I like all genre's of music. If it is good I will listen.

I was hooked from the start. Wild rocking riffs combined with the classic country drawl of the past, but without that "POP/commercial" feel, I found myself listening repeatedly. So I reached out to him and asked if I could write about him and his music. He said go for it. So here is what I have.

He said he is currently 34 yrs old as of this post. Joe has been writing country music for around 8 years. From what he told me the bug hit him somewhere around the age of 20, when he decided to learn the guitar. Joe says," I started writing country strictly after I wrote this badass outlaw country tune called "Cadillac To Mexico".  I started writing to that style kinda a lo-fi version of something that would of got played in a Tarintino movie or Sons Of Anarchy episode. I called that band that was just me "El Wahbos".

Art imitates life, or so they say. I was curious about his inspiration because his song, "Fightin' With Your Boyfriend" brought back memories of a relationship I had in the past.
He says, "The whole Joe Hoss thing happened after I met a girl at work one day. She had a boyfriend but I gave her my phone number anyways. She led my ass for months ... Anyways, that situation gave me the idea for my 1st Joe Hoss tune "Fightin' With Your Boyfriend". She would only text when she was drunk really so I came up with a cooler redneck version of me actually ... hooking up with this drunk girl in the song. I must of wrote it in 20 minutes it was just magic and I knew it was a cool sound that I was onto." 

To make a long story short, Joe has had his ups and downs with many fellow musicians, songwriters and producers. It would seem that he is finally on the way to getting his music out there.  "Fightin' With Your Boyfriend" is a fun, raucous tune that comes on like a wild party in the trailer park. Everything is there and this is a song guaranteed make you crank it up.