Saturday, December 16, 2017

Trying to create the perfect song and video

Hello folks! And thanks for subscribing to my blog!

I am actively trying to figure out how to create the perfect song and video for that song.  Those of you who subscribe to my YouTube channel may have noticed that I deleted a bunch of videos. I sort of wish I hadn't yet because my stats changed with this move going from over 2000 views to under 500. The views are important from the business end of it because you can not collect revenue until you get 10,000 views. At the rate of 1 view per day this would take me 27 1/2  years. I can't wait that long. I may not even live that long.  I want to be less amateurish with my channel. It is the only way I can 'get it out there' seeing that touring is out of the question and finding musicians my age who take it seriously is proving to be difficult.
Skinny Wizard

My latest video is a song about a guitarist wondering about a lady in the crowd where he is playing.  I guess it is a sort of "unrequited love" type song. I tried to cartoon it so it would appear as a comic strip but this proved to be beyond my skill level.  I actually wrote the song by just randomly strumming some chords and singing nonsense until it congealed. Then BAM! I had a song. I didn't even necessarily like it when I first did it but my wife said she liked it. Usually she just says, "That's nice, honey." But this time she smiled and said she really liked it so,... I went for it. I also got good feedback from my Twitter Friends.

I didn't intend to be a folksy/country style artist. It comes naturally. I am a fan of most genres. I hope to do some more rock styles and even some metal. I am avoiding doing covers of other peoples works. Although, I play with other indie artists music from time to time. Honestly, I think there is more talent in the Indie Music field than on commercial radio. Commercial radio is pretty banal. Country style radio has changed drastically and it is starting to sound like hip hop or rap at times and being the old guy that I am this is unappealing to me. There is a market for it so more power to those artists and entertainers who succeed by doing it.

So here is my latest effort which will be available at CDbaby after January 1st 2018. I played all the instruments and mixed it using a Presonus Audiobox and artist software which came with it. Trying to synchronize the opening and the ending was a bit tricky. I will get better at it as time goes on. It is a learning experience. Anyway, I hope you like it and I hope you will subscribe to my channel. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

This blog began as an Indie artist exposure blog. 

What I discovered is that everybody wants to eat the bread that Henny Penny made but no one wants to help her plant the grain, reap the wheat or grind it. So, This blog is now about Skinny Wizard. Although I may write another Indi Music Review or two.

I also got curious and decided to google the term "Skinny Wizard" just to see what comes up. I was nervous about someone trying to steal the name and I wanted to be sure it is secure. It looks like it is. So, I have made the search cut somewhat. And while I like to think I can rock out at least I am a "FOLK" artist!

So here is my latest song.It is called "Phantom Pain". I wrote it for a friend who killed herself a long time ago. The music has been floating around for awhile but I finally got around to recording it. I hope you like it! Please go to my YouTube channel and subscribe as well so you can keep up as I add new material!

Thanks, Bill.