Monday, March 12, 2018

Who's Right Podcast

One day I got a direct message from these guys offering to use my music in their podcast. I was flattered and accepted. Because they played my music I started listening to them. I am not a Podcast listening type of guy but I found myself actually liking them. They are always good for a laugh.

Doug and Anthony talk about some pretty crazy stuff sometimes. They talk about everything actually with a sense of humor that can seem callous or even a bit over the top at times! But, they are generally on point in my opinion. Their opinions are not uneducated, either. They are fairly informed on most subjects. I do not always agree. However, for the most part it causes one to think sometimes. When they aren't knowledgeable they will say so. It is an honest podcast. Full of bullshit but not necessarily fake news, so to speak.

 Why do they do it? "We think that there is too much focus on PC bullshit. We enjoy talking to each other and making each other laugh. We thought maybe others might get a kick out of our style of humor." It is a bit off color sometimes which appeals to me because if one takes themselves too seriously then there is no point having a debate that's going to go anywhere anyway. I mean just look at the distraction we call "American Politics" as an example.

So how did these knuckleheads meet anyway?
"Anthony and I used to work in the same office. We found ourselves involved in some pretty odd conversations. More often than not, we would end up with a small crowd around us listening to us shoot the shit. People joked that we should start saving these conversations for a podcast. We sat on the idea for a year or so and finally got off our asses and tried it.

There is a bit of history to this podcast.  It didn't start with a bang. ""Early on we tried having what we would call "a funny debate show". It was a struggle at the beginning because neither of us wanted to do any research into what we were debating. Over a period of time the show morphed into what you now hear."

They don't actually work in the same studio.
"As far as the technical side of it, we do whats called a "double back ender". What that means is when we sit down to record (me in North Carolina and Anthony in Illinois) we connect via Skype and once we establish our connection, we both start recording our end of the audio. We then do a countdown and clap simultaneously. After the show is over, I send my audio to Anthony who adds the theme song, syncs up the audio (using the peak in the waveform from the clap to make sure they are synced) and finally adding the outro.

There is a plethora of material to choose from to get a clue as to what they are all about. Some podcasts are funnier than others. I have found myself going back and listening to some of them over again simply because it has that "WTF?" factor. This link right is a fairly good example of the kind of insanity you will be dealing with.

And you can always follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

AJ the Mack

 A form of music we all indulge in from time to time.Whether we are mindlessly humming a tune as we work or are just in a good mood, it is an accepted art form that is often unappreciated. Mothers and Fathers sing to their babies. Some of us sing to our pets. (yes, you know it's true)

AJ the mack sings to us. He is from "an itty bitty town in the southwest north corner of Arkansas called Foreman". I am not sure how I stumbled across him on Twitter but he he has become one of my favorite Twitter personalities. He sits on his porch or in his living room and belts out classic rock and a few country tunes acapella.. He has this staff that he uses when he sings and you can see him keeping time to it. I teased him about it being he magic staff and he said, "Well, it ain't! It's just an old petrified fence post that came floatin' right up on me while gettin' my swim on down at the river....and just became a habit while singin' out on the porch, that is where it usually is kept. I call it my sangin' stick!"

I asked him  to tell me about himself and he said, " I grew up with a pretty well known country artist named Tracy Lawrence, we played ball together. I was percussion in school and played around a little behind a trap set, but not in a long while...I've always just been a singer. Years back, when I first started social media (Facebook) I just noticed a whole lot of negativity and complainin', and as an older person that has learn to leave that stuff alone, I decided to try and do something positive and battle against that stuff...and well, it just grew from there."

He acquired "THE MACK" because his last name is McElhannon. Watching his videos is a good uplifting experience and he has even taken o the idea of #BeAnUplifter to every tweet and added it to his twitter handle. After you watch the video below you should subscribe to his YouTube Channel to stay updated. He is very fun.