Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Last

Like the thorns on a rose it's pretty, but just a little bit dangerous. Fun, straightforward Indie rock, "THE LAST" have been composing and producing their own music since 2009. The band started in the city of Toluca de Lerdo, in the State of Mexico. (Yes, Mexico is a state in the country of The United Mexican States. Geography lesson - Google it)

The music is fresh without any real embellishments which is a credit to the dimension of their sound. There is a good magic on this band. A clean mix and clear production make the sounds even more suave, like smooth tequila.

 Jaime Jesus Caballero Padilla (guitarist and vocalist) and Victor Antonio Lira Aguilar (bass and vocals) along with Madian Rodriguera Prado (guitarist and vocalist) Manuel Buenrostro Valencia (drummer and vocalist) are working hard promoting and performing in many local cultural events, and Jaime has even played in The Cavern Club in Liverpool, UK (home of The Beatles and quite a few other acts).

I asked them if there was anything they would like to say to their fans and I received this message:

The are available at BandCamp. and they can be followed  on Instagram and on Twitter and Facebook as well as SoundCloud.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Nigel Purcell Trio

Ok. Wrap your head around this. This is a Hard working and prolific surrealistic three ring circus. The variety of their music can only be experienced by checking out all their work. This simplest way I can describe them is as follows:

The Erdington Sound is the name of the circus. 
1) The first ring in the circus is "Andrew Purcell Music".  
2) The second ring in the circus is "The Nigel Purcell Trio" which is composed of  Andrew Purcell and  Nigel "Low temperature" Ratcliffe and Linda the laptop.
3) The third ring in the Circus is "Loft 51" which is The Nigel Purcell Trio and Dave Menear.

These seasoned veterans of Music have a uniqueness to their music which is hauntingly subtle. Ranging from Bluesy to Pop to almost Metal, at times, and, at other times incorporating elements of psychedelia the music is playful while still being a seriously constructed art form.

Besides subscribing to them on YouTube and following them on Twitter the best resource to fully explore them is on their own Website.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tall Poppies

 Like a spark created by rubbing a Kashmir sweater this eccentric quartet is electric. Definitely a class act, the upbeat catchy pop tunes and quirky videos are liable to induce dancing with just enough rock to keep it slightly on the edge. This is functional art.
Tall Poppies is fronted by identical twin sister songstresses Susan and Catherine on vocals, bass and guitar.  Diarmuid adds a unique element pulling at your heart strings on violin while Doug's flawless timing on the drum kit injects the energy to kick up your heals.  The new track 'Cat Got Your Tongue?' is a delightful blast of guitar pop inspired by a Jane Austen novel and a night out in London.

This band is fiercely DIY,  recording and releasing their own unique material and producing the videos which accompany their songs.  

In an email, Sue told me, " We moved over to London together from Perth, in Australia, the most isolated city in the world. When Cath and I met up and jammed after a time apart we realized we had telepathic abilities, having written the same song "Chameleon" at the same time." (How's THAT for magick?~SW)  "We met Diarmuid and Doug through my work. Doug also used to be the drummer in  the indie-folk band, Noah and the Whale. Diarmuid is from Northern Ireland and has a charming accent. Catherine has been studying fashion at the London College of fashion so a lot of the styling and some costumes in our clips are her creation. She finishes the degree in June woo hoo!"

You can follow them on twitter and like their Facebook page and find them on YouTube through the above video. They also have their own WebPage.


Like an expose on the angst ridden confusing ideology of an 18 yr old the hard alternative, almost postpunk like rock created by the dynamic duo that is Knightlife is edgy and polished. Well crafted guitar licks and driving bass combined with the tight furious drums are completely unclouded and transparent. This band is sure to make a mark in the years ahead.

 The founding members Guitarist/Vocalist Bruce MacKnight, III  (currently 20 yrs) and Bassist/Vocalist Richard Giduck, (Currently 19) Are from Philidelphia Pa. They tell me, "For the self titled 2P, as we call it, we utilized the drumming talents of Erik Scattareggia, who also engineered and produced the original album and the 2P."

In his email Bruce tells me they are " open to finding a permanent drummer but are in no rush to do so. For live gigs they are currently using Erik and another engineer friend Ryan Hermann as fill in drummers and it works quite well and the band is on a good roll." So drummers in need of a gig might want to contact them. The band is work in creating and recording more new music and are always looking to engage new fans.

Knightlife will email you free MP3's of their 2 new tracks if you like them on Facebook and send them an email at requesting the new music.

Their favorite quote is "Have a good time, all the time" - Viv Savage

Their music is on SoundCloud and you can find them on Facebook and twitter and you can download their music on ReverbNation.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Robert Watson

This is an absolutely fantastic find! The instrumental styles of Robert Watson are a joy to listen to. Ranging from psychedelic rock to funk, jazz and blues and everything in between this music is a must for the connoisseur. A prolific one man business, Robert does everything. The mixing and mastering are as impeccable as his guitar, bass, keyboards  and drums.

Self taught due to a childhood love of music Mr. Watson has created a library of tunes to suit every mood, whether it be dancing, rocking out or just sitting by the fireplace with a drink and that special someone.

Robert would like you to "Stay positive, always. Don't dwell on the negative thoughts because they are not good for our minds, our bodies, our hearts, our spirits, and our souls. Keep your head up. Every day is a new day. Live your life like it's golden. We have one life to live. Live it well. Peace, love and happiness.

Music is life. Music is love. Music is me."

Wise words from an extremely talented musician.

Besides following him on twitter and SoundCloud he also has  his own website as well as a blog. His music can be found at BandCamp and itunes and he can be found on Amazon and GooglePlay.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Guns of the Seneca

 Caution. The intense progressive rock of Guns of the Seneca could possibly increase the synaptic activity in your cerebral cortex. Quick, hard, clear and melodic this is music for the thinking person. There is nothing hooky or catchy about this. Every song is an intense exploration of symphonic art.

 "Guns of the Seneca" refers to mistpouffers -- mysterious booming noises heard over Lake Seneca, NY that are thought to be the guns and cannons of the lost soldiers of the Battle of Seneca Town during the Revolutionary War.

 Formed in late 2007 by bassist Grant Olivier, guitarist David Plair, and drummer Britton Frost, Guns of the Seneca pretty much defies genre. If you go to their SoundCloud page you will see that they put out a lot of free music fairly quickly. The track above is just a tiny sample of their skill.

"Citizens of the Universe" is the first full-length album by Guns of the Seneca and is available on BandCamp. You can find them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and twitter

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Blue Flame

 Reminiscent of a time when the fabric of rock and roll on AM radio was being rewoven into acid rock and metal, connoisseurs of music will relish in the nostalgic 1965 like light pop style which Richard Stone has successfully invoked. This is not your run-of-the-mill pop music. The crystal clear production and mastering make the music easy to listen to and understand.

Trying to narrow down the sound, Richard and I had a conversation on twitter direct messaging, " My problem is that I think about the song not the sound so what comes out is what comes out - they all sound like A Blue Flame though."  

In an email, he told me,..."I'd met some good musicians as a result of recording the first album who I now work with - Adam Ellis plays guitars and co-produces in his studio, Damon Claridge is on the drums, Andy Robertson on bass and keys and Tony Robinson on keys and trumpet."

On a side note, Richard told me that he is doing this so .."that... one son (will) know who I was..." The new album is due to be released this summer (2016) and they are releasing a new song every month so stayed tuned!

You can follow Mr. Stone on Twitter and aside from SoundCloud, "A Blue Flame" can also be found on itunes, and at CdBaby.

Valentine and the Regard

Like something out of a Quinton Tarantino film Valentine and The Regard  rips the pain from your heart, crumples it up into a little ball and tosses it into a wood chipper.  Retro, dark and bluesy, the simple licks and catchy hooks have you wondering what the bartender put in your martini.

 Based out of Brigham City, Utah, Mike Maurer started writing music at age 13, ambitiously self releasing albums mostly to friends and family.  He says, "I got in contact with a buddy that had been learning drums and I saw an opportunity to move beyond a drum machine so I took it. He re-introduced me to blues music and I pretty much infused it with the 80s alternative that I was being molded with and the rest is history. The main drummer is Collin Jiron and he also plays rhythm guitar ( when we need it) and my wife Julie Maurer plays drums as well."

This is a musician  who disregards the rules and creatively assembles compositions without a blueprint which only adds to the magick. You can follow on twitter and Valentine and the Regard are also available on itunes, Spotify and from Bandcamp.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Cello Vein

Chewing up melodic metal and spitting out the shards in a symphonic frenzy of Voo Doo like proportions, Halley Feaster has broken the rules of cello etiquette. From the moment the spell is cast by the angelic intro your rock fist will be held high and your head will be banging without your consent. I don't know what her cello did to deserve this treatment, but I am glad it did. 

Bad Cellist, indeed,... the catchy riffs & hooks grab you by your sensitive areas and force you into submission like some dominatrix that even the hardest women in rock would envy. Halley started playing cello at 9 yrs old and now, 20 yrs later, with her 6-string electric Mark Wood 'Cobra' cello she has altered the landscape of convention.

In her email she told me, "Except for the two covers, I wrote all music and lyrics for all the songs. My husband Michael Engesser and I record, produce and mix my music together (we actually built a recording studio for that). Jon Abarca at JJA studios did the Mastering."

 She also asked me to give a shout out to the drummers on the album: Jay Lateef, Massimo Bounanno, and Nicholas Christian . The two other important musicians on the album are Theresa Yurkevicz (additional Percussion) and Tina Wagner (Viola, on "White Rabbit").

Halley adds, "I also had an interesting experience having my dad on the project as a producer.  Having grown up in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, he has an amazing ear for that authentic rock sound.  It was really cool to see him sitting next to Michi at the board and all of us collaborating on mixing the album."

 This amalgamation of acid rock and metal with a touch of blues makes for a strong cocktail guaranteed to knock you right over.

Along with the link to their recording studio two paragraphs above she can also be found at their own site and on YouTube by linking through the above video and the music is available on itunes.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tyler Colt

"You gotta take this world and make it yours!" With a long promising career ahead of him, the talented and photogenic Tyler Colt is an evolving young artist with an enthusiastic and youthful sound. The magick of Tyler is positive and uplifting in his serious dedication and honest approach to his art .

Fun to listen and dance to, Tyler is sure to be on a poster in your daughters bedroom pretty soon. He started playing guitar when he was 5yrs old and he has had guitar lessons from Monte Pittman, who has been the guitarist for Madonna &  Ministry.

In an email, he was candid and realistic about the ever changing landscape  and potential pitfalls a musician faces in his career. So, if you are a musician looking for a talented up and comer to team up with Tyler might be the guy you are looking for.

A few folks he feels indebted to and says they deserve mentioning are  Jerod Farnes, & Jesses Eads (bass), Kip Ambrose (drums), Max Higgins (guitar) and Matthew Lucas who also plays drums have all worked with him.

Some interesting trivia, Tyler is a snowboarder and a tight-rope walker! And he tells me, "I have 2 dogs, 1 male Jack Russell Terrier, Named Bully (Bulls-eye long version)  & 1 Rescue Lab/Border Collie Mix girl, Harley. I am an animal lover for sure. Love all animals and wish I could rescue all pets and give them a loving home."

You can purchase his music on Amazon and you can find Tyler on his own site, on YouTube and Twitter and also Instagram and Facebook.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rubber Clown Car

OOOO kaaayyyy....!?!? 
Here is some delightfully twisted magick for you! Entertaining and thought provoking at the same time dance-able, Rubber Clown Car has crossed the boundaries of Punk and 60's go-go music. Like some twisted surreal dream these guys will having you question your reasoning. I detect a little bit of Loki in this stuff.

Since 2006 Dirk Prysby  on Guitars and vocals,  Fred Beasley keeping the time on Drums and adding his vocals and guitar, along with Tony Pantalones, who plays the bass, keyboards, and everything else have been crafting original quirky, catchy vintage style rock and roll. 

This stuff is just plain fun.

But, don't just pogo around in the living room, actually listen to what they are saying. You will both laugh and say, "He's right!" at the same time. In an email Dirk told me they are always on the search for the perfect song. I think they are on to something. 

You can find them on their own site, or look for them on twitter. Also available at CdBaby, itunes and Their first album and "Let's Pretend" is available on Amazon. Of course you can find some of their stuff on YouTube by linking through the above video.

Laura Gastelle

Wow! The music speaks for itself but I am here to write so,...

With the voice an angel Laura will entrance you with her siren's song. Clear and rich singing will have those hairs on end in no time and possibly move you to tears. This is just absolutely lovely.

Laura is a classically trained vocalist and pianist and she composes all of her vocals and instrumentals herself. As my readers are well aware, I look for magic. And it is here in abundance. I could listen to this all day.

In an email, she tells me,"I want my music to connect me to people; truly connect. I'm inspired by the world I live in and the people in it. I want to tell amazing stories; not just my story, but your story. I want to inspire others the way I am inspired by my family, friends, fans, and people I meet everywhere."

Fun facts: Video gamer, dog lover, and she currently holds 2 Master's Degrees in Social Work and Human Sexuality. "Yeah, we all have a day job, I'm a relationship and sexuality therapist."

You can find her on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram as well as linking to her YouTube channel from the above video.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016


The Gods of Rock are generous indeed! This energetic Gothic Quartet from Italy Generates a lot of energy. But what you are seeing and hearing here does not at all embrace the full spectrum of the magic they cast. Further exploration into their music will have your hair standing on edge and goosebumps will cover your body. This is good stuff!

With the powerful vocals of Mara Cek Cecconato, Andrea Pelliccioni  wields his guitar with abandon as he shreds through the fury created by Luca Liuk Abate on bass and Daniele Pelliccioni's  pounding rhythm on drums (Daniele is also responsible for keyboards and various orchestra arrangements). One feels as if they are in the middle of a medieval battle between good and evil.  The sound quality on the above video does not give them their true presence.

They formed in 2011 and the band has amassed a respectable following. "Oniricide" , as far as my etymological skills can decipher means "Dream death" or "Dream-icide". Or, maybe it means, "Death by dreaming"? Either way these guys rock hard! I imagine it is a short time before us Yanks start clamoring for tickets to their shows.

To keep up with this ingenious and captivating band you should like them on FaceBook, follow them on twitter and fan their ReverbNation. You can link to their YouTube channel from the above video and purchase them on Amazon.
Or simply go to their own site.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Oh Hell Yes! I love music with magic! Jake Mimikos has got to be some sort of magician. "The Spell" sends chills over me. All his music is laced with some sort of mysterious conjuring. I don't know if he paid a witch to cast a spell on his music or if he did it himself but it works!

From the Washington D.C. area, Jayco is currently a one man recording project. The plan is to eventually become a full fledged touring act with multiple members. I don't think there will be a problem finding band mates. He tells me in an email, "my plan is to be more honest and to push my own boundaries with each new release".

 After playing in multiple genres of music and bands he eventually decided to branch out and do a solo project. It has slowly began to gain momentum and garnered radio play on NPR and other music licensing opportunities. He plays guitars and does vocals on the recordings. The first ep Chaos to Clarity was recorded with Austin Bello (Forever the Sickest Kids). Austin is also producing the second ep "The Internal Frontier" that is due this summer.

You should follow him on Twitter.

You can find Jayco on BandCamp. Keep up with him on Facebook  Purchase his music at  ReverbNation

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Awareness

Their music is fun and sorta post-punk. This is good cruising music. As of this post they have over 26,000 followers in Twitter. It is hard to find anything else on them other than they are Canadian. We emailed once. But they haven't gotten back to me, yet. Patience is NOT my best virtue! But they thought the idea of someone writing about them was awesome, So,... I am sorry I don't have more to offer. No wonder he feels like a ghost! (That's a reference to one of their songs.)

It is easy to tell that they take their music seriously. They are very polished. The guitars shred, the drums are perfectly mixed and the bass line and vocals all make the sounds very easy to listen to. If you haven't heard them already you are going to like this!

 The Awareness are:
Barry Mantle: Vocals, Guitar
Tav Hotoyan: Drums, Vocals
Matt Rock: Bass, Vocals
Andy Guglielmo: Lead Guitar

Their Music can be found at their own site.  

They are also pimping their stuff on BandCamp

And you can follow them on Twitter

and you can get the album Static Transmissions from Amazon.

Grab a beer and link to their YouTube channel from the video above and have a good time, eh!?

And if you have a record label... why don't you sign these guys?


A True Dark Metal Treat, Ravenscroft are a band of seasoned veterans. With over 30,000 fans on Twitter alone, they may not actually need promotion. At least not from a little blog like this. But, I had to write about them because,... well,... they are awesome. Their sounds and their stage presence draw one into a magical dark world.

This video "Cauldron of Deceit", depicts the feeling of living in a world filled with lies and trickery. We can all pretty much relate to that. Everyone has a breaking point. In True metal fashion Ravenscroft has accurately portrayed our innermost frustrations.

With Imagery from "The Darkside", and heavy, thundering tones, the music reaches into your soul and demands that you be strong. True metalheads love this sort of stuff. It is the attraction to the forbidden which forces us to come to terms with the darkside of our own nature. Ravenscroft is a true messenger in this regard.

Ralph Buso, on Vocals, comes from the South Bronx in New York. The bass guitarist, Devin Baker, grew up in Tustin, California. Pat Magrath is from St. Louis, Mo. and Brett Octane, on guitar, is from San Diego.

All of this can be found on their website.   You can also follow them on Twitter. and on FaceBook.
You can link to their YouTube channel from the video above.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Micheal Tiffany

Put on your helmet because your going for a ride!

The album "Out of The Dark" starts out with "Starship One", a cerebral and ethereal intro initiating you into a musical journey documenting lessons of life, love and pain. This is straight forward rock and roll in the old school tradition.

This is good driving music, like the switchback curves along a road side cliff. One wrong turn and you're going over the edge. But the excitement is too much too slow down. The scenery of the music blows by you dangerously as Micheal Tiffany skillfully manipulates the strings on his guitar. Each instrument closely follows in time as the entire pack runs the gauntlet. If you have ever ridden in a pack, you will know what I mean when I say it doesn't have that rubber-band effect. Everything is tightly nit. Each note and beat covers the other ones back from the second the machines are fired up until they reach the destination.

I appreciate the "no frills" aspect of this music. No fancy effects. No flashy "shredding". Although, the licks are polished and skillfully delivered. Good music doesn't need embellishment. As a testament to Micheal's skill he plays all the guitars ,bass and keyboards and did all of the drum programming on this and his second album (currently in the works). He tells me that he has enlisted the help of  Kevin Farkas who brings an edgier style of vocal work to the new album. Kevin is also an accomplished artist on his own.

In an email he told me, " I really feel it is paramount to stay true to what you believe in in your music both as a writer , performer and producer and never forget where you come from. I also have to say that my wife Cindy is my biggest fan, supporter and is also my harshest critique."

I agree with you Micheal.  I don't think I could have said it better myself!

Micheal Tiffany's work can be found at ReverbNation, YouTube, SoundCloud
and you can follow him on Twitter 

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Luca Burgalassi.

Luca is an italian musician and songwriter. Acoustic and electric guitarist, he also plays several folk instruments as Banjo, Mandolin, Lap Steel guitar and harmonica. The music is clear and bright. Definately something to listen to on romantic evenings with that special someone. Based in Tuscany, Italy, Burgalassi sings in English while his accent lends an exotic quality to the music. This music is very easy to listen to.

There are times when the old world flows in this music. An almost pagan quality rife with magic and romance. With eyes closed I could almost smell the forest as the serenades lifted my spirit. The emotion and soul behind this music is intense and undeniable. Personally, I look for songs that cast a spell; songs with magic, and these songs definitely have magic. The entire band is actually really good. They are masters of their craft. Their spell is skillfully woven throughout all the music like a tapestry of sound and color.

From the song "Shadows"
"In her eyes I see new light
growing step by step
Through her eyes I see a bright sky
I see a deep blue sea
Tonight the moonlight seems to call my name
she knows that I'm alone
I know that she is alone"

The maturity of the songs make them rich with wisdom, with just enough folly to keep one amused as they take you on a journey filled with love, light and life. It is very folksy with a touch of blues and just a hint of renaissance, the sounds of Luca Burgalassi and friends are beautifully uplifting. There is absolutely nothing pretentious about this music. It is honest, clean and straightforward. It is not complicated but it is complex. Each instrument compliments the other wonderfully. Burgalassi's stories are sure to woo the romantic souls who listen. At times an almost Country/Western and bluegrass element peeks through with just a hint of rock and roll or even jazz.I personally like a band that is not limited to one category or genre. Burgalassi is outside the box.

Wendy Nieper: vocals
Luca Burgalassi: vocals, guitars, mandolin, harmonica
Ettore Fancelli: drums
Nino Pellegrini: upright bass
Stefano Lunardi: violin

You can purchase his album Shadows and Fragments on Amazon and follow him on Twitter, YouTube and BandCamp

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Doug Rose has been playing guitar virtually all his life. And, like the majority of us, life had other plans. But, it is not in his nature to allow himself to be held back.

To quote him from an email,
"I've been playing guitar for thirty years, and many times I have felt I had a message for the world, but I didn't yet. I was not ready, and nobody could tell me different. I was definitely not humble. So it never worked, and I stopped trying. But with the help of my entire family and my friends, music saved my life. I've overcome so much, and now I'm at a point where it is only about the music. If people like my work enough to toss a couple of bucks my way then great, but it isn't about that: It's about putting songs out there that aren't served to you on a cookie sheet with the "Flavor of the Week" label. I'd like to think, for the music's sake, that I shouldn't have to explain in detail what my songs are about. I think it is best left up to the listener's interpretation. Music should speak to one's soul."

His music does speak. And calling himself theH0nestman might seem pretentious at first but the reality is that his music is honest. Raw and unforgiving,  he has been posting "Videos from the shed" on YouTube.(link) Everything is simple and honest and clear. Take for instance his song "Rome is Burning" is a reaction to many events happening in America today. Sentiments which are reflected nationwide by persons all across the political spectrum from extreme left to extreme right. His videos are entertaining and thought provoking. There is a certain angst underlying his style. Like a controlled anger, he allows "Carmen"(his guitar) to play him. And as he explains in show 3 (the 99) she comes first and foremost in all his recordings. This a man fighting a spiritual war, and there is magic in his music. (That is something I look for).

theh0nestman has a rock and roll that cuts to the bone. He can be found on YouTube BandCamp  and you can follow him on Twitter

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Peter Noreika

Well, this is refreshing. METACOUSTIFOLK is exactly what it sounds like; epic-anthem-arena-folk-metal! Gothic-folk. There is magic in this music. Magic seems to be missing in a lot of today's music. In an era where songs are commercially crafted to titillate the lustful and reckless angst of youth, Noreika's music is a breath of fresh air. It still reflects that youthful stuff I spoke of, but it also has depth and substance.

Peters story is as inspiring as his music! One I can relate to, actually! When music gets in your spirit and soul it is hard to ignore it. Life seems to get in the way for many of us aspiring rockstars; family, jobs, bills and such force the dream to remain a dream. The art inside your soul gnaws at you while life suppresses it.

Inspired by his young son who wanted him to spend more time at home Peter Noreika made a very bold decision!
“Daddy, I wish you could be a songwriter so you could stay with me instead of going to work”. That was it (after Noreika wiped away some tears).  As any musician/singer/songwriter/artist knows from first hand experience it is hard work. It may not be as physically demanding as construction work or any other number of jobs. Juggling it with a day job is even more grueling! Compound that with the expectations of Parents and the doubts or lack of support from 'friends' and it becomes even more arduous. If not for the desire to be a better father, his love for his son, we may have never been blessed with this music!

It is readily apparent that Mr. Noreika has put his heart and soul into his music from the first note of each song. As you listen, you will know what I am talking about. "At the Dark Side" is a song that I can certainly relate to. With cleverly crafted riffs and an almost ominous quality, it brought back memories of my own youth. I found myself listening to it repeatedly. This music is bright and dark at the same time. Like an eerie dream, it seems to reflect both fear and hope! The harmonics give it a magical quality of nostalgia with no regrets. An initiation into deeper mysteries better left unspoken. Mysteries that only the fearlessness of adolescent daring can conjure.  The changes that take place as we mature and try to make better decisions in life often over power the occult instincts of childhood. It is clear that Noreika has been able to retain what many of us have been forced to relinquish. It is inspiring to me as a musician to find the "the light of the darkside" once again in my life and in own music. I can see the dawning of a new day, thanks to Noreika.

While listening to the video, post a comment below and share the word! This dude deserves a listen!

Peter Noreika on twitter

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Skinny Wizard copyright and trademark

There are  people trying to use this name for various reasons. But, even though this is a name I used to pretend was my band when I was a wee laddie as far back as 1976, I am here and now claiming copyright and trademark as of March 19, 2016.
The original logo design is
But that was a long time ago...