Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tall Poppies

 Like a spark created by rubbing a Kashmir sweater this eccentric quartet is electric. Definitely a class act, the upbeat catchy pop tunes and quirky videos are liable to induce dancing with just enough rock to keep it slightly on the edge. This is functional art.
Tall Poppies is fronted by identical twin sister songstresses Susan and Catherine on vocals, bass and guitar.  Diarmuid adds a unique element pulling at your heart strings on violin while Doug's flawless timing on the drum kit injects the energy to kick up your heals.  The new track 'Cat Got Your Tongue?' is a delightful blast of guitar pop inspired by a Jane Austen novel and a night out in London.

This band is fiercely DIY,  recording and releasing their own unique material and producing the videos which accompany their songs.  

In an email, Sue told me, " We moved over to London together from Perth, in Australia, the most isolated city in the world. When Cath and I met up and jammed after a time apart we realized we had telepathic abilities, having written the same song "Chameleon" at the same time." (How's THAT for magick?~SW)  "We met Diarmuid and Doug through my work. Doug also used to be the drummer in  the indie-folk band, Noah and the Whale. Diarmuid is from Northern Ireland and has a charming accent. Catherine has been studying fashion at the London College of fashion so a lot of the styling and some costumes in our clips are her creation. She finishes the degree in June woo hoo!"

You can follow them on twitter and like their Facebook page and find them on YouTube through the above video. They also have their own WebPage.

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